The BMW CCA Foundation is proud to launch our Founders’ Garden. Conveniently located beside our Museum, this Garden serves as a unique place to honor special persons for their achievements or to memorialize those whom we have lost in our lives.

This Garden will provide our donors and visitors the opportunity to wander through the Garden and appreciate its natural beauty– all while supporting the charitable and philanthropic work of the Foundation.

This Garden provides an opportunity to honor a living person (tribute gift) or mark the death of a deceased loved one (memorial gift). You have wide freedom to select the person and they need not be part of the BMW CCA community to be honored.

Here are some examples, but not limited to:

  • Honoring a chapter officer who is retiring;
  • Memorializing a dear friend who is now departed;
  • Honoring a close friend on their special birthday/anniversary;
  • Celebrating the birth of a grandchild; or
  • Showing appreciation to an organization or meaningful person
You have a wide variety of choices in purchasing either a living plant, bush, or flowers, or a fixed structure such as a brick, boulder, or bench to constitute your commemorative gift.

If you prefer, you may make a gift towards the Garden General Fund for upkeep and maintenance—with no need to make any choices—to help the Founders’ Garden thrive in the future.

Your donation includes maintenance—irrigation and fertilizer—for the first five (5) years. If the plant dies within that time, it will be replaced at no cost to you. If it dies after that time, you will be given the first opportunity to replace it or allow another donor to do the same. Obviously, stones, boulders or bricks need no guarantee and are your everlasting gift to the Garden.
For a small additional fee ($100), you may also order a plaque to commemorate your sentiments which will be positioned at your chosen plant or stone monument. If you so designate, the Foundation will also notify your honoree, or their family, of your very thoughtful gift.
These tribute or memorial donations offer you a thoughtful way to celebrate or pay tribute to a loved one while supporting the mission of the Foundation of “Saving Lives, Saving History.”

The Foundation is committed, along with its generous donors and sponsors, to teaching teens to becoming safer drivers through its Tire Rack Street Survival Program. Trained coaches volunteer their time to put teens through real-life driving exercises to enable them to handle dangerous driving situations.

Our Museum, {“The Ultimate Driving Museum”} founded in 2017 enables the Foundation to “bring our BMW Archives to life” by sharing them with our fellow enthusiasts. Our Museum exhibits showcase our passion for BMW history, design, and technology throughout the ages with our displays of cars and motorcycles.

You can simply browse the plants and hardscaping in the photos below or click an area on the map to look at items available for purchase. You will also be able to create a plaque to commemorate your gift.